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This blog column discusses recent developments and additions to our coverage. (This helps keep the site as up to date as possible.) As it also contains personal commentary you may not be interested in, just the intros are on this home page, with a link to the full blog post. Links to the main feature pages online so far are in the sidebar at right. The blog also headlines current examples of established storylines even if the main feature pages are still in development.

About Us: We are not a business but a study site, looking at popular storylines as a basis for critical viewing [more here].
Below are our main feature pages online so far.

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Don’t Look Now, But There Are 50 Shades Of Greyscale
Modern erotica has roots in the European arthouse school of cinema going back to the era of the black-and-white film [read more]

The 'Submarine Mission' Storyline:
Introductory page
A-Z Titles Page
Standard Scenes page
10 Titles For Further Study

The 'Midwinter Crisis' Storyline:

Introductory page
Setting The Scene In The Bleak Midwinter’ feature page

The 'Outpost Command Crisis' Storyline

Introductory page
InterTitle Historical Review Part 1

The Expeditionary Storyline

Introductory page
Titles A-Z Page
Case Study Page: The 'Gateway Barrier' Scene

On The Long And Winding Road
To the news items about Kerouac drafting’s On The Road 60 years ago in only a few weeks of fulltime typing, we can now add some other works of topical interest which were written in a few weeks - after a lengthy gestation process [read on]

On The Road At 60
-The ‘road trip’ storyline is still rolling along, 60 years after Kerouac’s classic work was published.
Sixty years ago this month, in September 1957, Jack Kerouac’s On The Road was finally published. I say ‘finally’ as it took a while to find a publisher. The 4 road trips it covered, mostly between New York and San Francisco via Denver, had occurred back in 1947-50. Using notebooks kept on these trips, Kerouac compiled his account in 1951 in a single month of almost nonstop typing on a 120-foot long roll of paper (supposedly @100wpm - he didn’t even put in paragraph breaks), reliving the experience fuelled by Benzedrine. He hoped for a film version, but it would be a long time coming - another 45 years, but in that interval, the 'road-trip' storyline became established in American cinema ... [read on]

From The Mountains Of Kong To The Mountains Of Madness
-In putting together our feature case-study page for the 'expeditionary' storyline on how writers have adapted the key 'gateway barrier' scene, it's notable how the conception has expanded from [often exaggerated] natural features, such as cliffs or gorges, to psychological, cultural or spiritual obstacles. [read on].

The Lost World Redux

The 1925 Lost World, the grand-daddy of expeditionary-storyline films, but long available only in a cut-down version, was issued September 19 on a multi-region Blu-ray which is the fullest restoration thus far. [read more]

Before ... When & Where Next Time?

Decision-time is approaching as to whether there should be another film in the ‘Before’ series, cinema’s longest-running scripted-conversation drama. And if there is to be another, what will the story setup and setting be?

'Something lost ... and waiting for you. Go!'
-On the Expeditionary Storyline #1 [more]

Dunkirk x 3

A new film about the May 1940 evacuation combines three storylines - the ‘castaways’ storyline, the ‘fateful flight’ storyline, and the ‘decisive battle’ storyline. [more]

Older Posts
About This Site - explaining the term storyline as used here in a particular way, and describing our various feature-page formats [more].
The Subject Of Subs
There are dozens of storylines in existence (I already have notes on over 50) but I decided to do the The ‘Submarine Mission’ storyline first up. Now you might think this is because I have some special interest in the subject of subs, but... [more]

Cold War On Ice
-On Ice Station Zebra as the epitome of the ‘submarine mission’ genre [more]

"Dive Dive Dive"
-Delving Into The Depths Of The ‘Submarine Mission’ Film [more]

Autumn Break
I'm all submarined out at present.... As they used to say on Monty Python, time now for something completely different... something seasonal. [more]
'Tis The Season To Be Thanksgiving
On the 'Midwinter Crisis' Storyline, #2 (of 12 blog posts covering the 12 days of 'Xmas crisis' story setups) [more]
The Coming Of The Snow
On the 'Midwinter Crisis' Storyline, #3 [more]
Xmas, That's A Wrap
On the 'Midwinter Crisis' Storyline, #4 [more]
The Quiet Christmas Crisis
On the 'Midwinter Crisis' Storyline, #5 [more]
The Xmas Holidays Filmfest, 1946-2016
On the 'Midwinter Crisis' Storyline, #6 [more]

The Xmas Blues, Or The Bah-Humbug Effect
On the 'Midwinter Crisis' Storyline, #7 [more]
The Midwinter Walkabout
On the 'Midwinter Crisis' Storyline, #8 [more]
O Come All Ye Fearful - The Xmas Ghost Story Tradition
On the 'Midwinter Crisis' Storyline, #9 [more]
'Dead Time' - The Dead Of Winter
On the 'Midwinter Crisis' Storyline, #10 [more]
New Year's Eve, That's A Date
On the 'Midwinter Crisis' Storyline, #11 [more]
Twelfth (& Final) Night
On the 'Midwinter Crisis' Storyline, #12 [more]
Blue Sky Viewing
-While some like the idea of 'blue sky thinking', at this grey time of year I prefer 'blue sky viewing.'
(Lead-in to the 'Outpost Command Crisis' Storyline) [more]

“Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form.”
- Jean-Luc Godard

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